"Oh uh, 'ey there! The name's Lazarus, and this is my 'lil sister Martha. We've been stuck in this basement for God knows how long, runnin' away n' tryin' to stay safe. S'good to see a friendly face though! 'Least I... think you're friendly..."
M!A: None
Current status: "Guuhhh.."
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The American Quarter Horse Congress has officially started so, I guess perhaps expect a whole lot more inactivity for about a week. Gonna be reeeally busy showing my horses and such. vuv

Here too

please stop

"Dunno what you’re talking about, but nah." 


Imagine your OC as the Sand Guardian, GUARDIAN OF THE SAND

"I wish I was a prince…"

(yes ill need $4000 and please specify your credit card information)

Anon who asked about SD-Eve here. What was even the context to the thing in the link?

Man that was such a long time ago I can’t remember a thing, haha. u vu;;

Who is SD-Eve? Sorry, I was reading through the archive and I came to /post/60979781397/well-i-cant-speak-for-her-directly-but-ive-a and I'm terribly intrigued.

She was another Eve blog that was run a while back, something along the lines of “Sexually Deprived Eve”, if I’m remembering correctly. Their blog has changed up quite a bit since then tho. And you’re fine friend. uvu

Hey Laz, do you get older in the basement or do you stay the same age forever?

"I recently turned 14 so.. I guess we all get older!"

Hey Laz!, you find one time that guy called E.D.E.N in the Basement? Whit Love, Dallas.

"Should we, I don't know... Celebrate? Panic? Eat cake or something? I have too much food that I don't eat to be honest."

"Share with the family, man. Plenty of starving children down here." 

"Hey Laz. Do you think We're going to see any activity once the Basement updates?" Joshua said casually, sipping on a glass of orange juice.

"Probably a lot, actually."